Ultra Smart Pro-Collagen Aqua Infusion Mask 50ml

164,00 inc Vat

Wrinkle Smoothing Mask

BENEFITS: Hydrates, Revitalises, Plumps

ULTRA SMART Aqua Shuttle Technology meets advanced seaweed complexes for visibly transformative results.

Welcome to the age of intelligent skincare. Introducing ULTRA SMART PRO-COLLAGEN, a range of uniquely engineered treatments that cleverly mimic the resilient appearance of younger skin.

This clinically proven* moisture mask delivers layers of hydration to help protect the skin’s moisture barrier, for a complexion that looks smoother and firmer, for visibly transformative results in 28 days. Luxury mitt included.

A revolutionary anti-wrinkle mask that delivers layers of hydration to target multiple signs of ageing for transformative results.

This clinically proven mask targets multiple signs of ageing by delivering a triple level approach to hydration. Powered by ULTRA SMART Aqua Shuttle Technology, this cooling gel mask delivers instant and 24-hour moisture to improve the appearance of deep set lines, firmness and elasticity, for a visibly younger-looking complexion.

Clinically proven to improved hydration by 250% in one hour*
Clinically proven to reduce the appearance of deep set lines and wrinkles in 28 days*
100% agreed this product significantly reduced the appearance of deep set lines and wrinkles**
100% agreed this product left skin looking significantly smoother and more even**
100% agreed this product gave skin instant radiance and a luminous glow**
100% agreed this product immediately transformed the look of dull skin**

*Independent Clinical Trials 2018. Results based on 31 people over 4 weeks
**Independent User Trials 2018. Results based on 31 people over 4 weeks.

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