Microsonic Facial Device Comfort Zone -FREE Hydra&Glow ampoules

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[Comfort Zone] Anti-Aging, deep cleansing facial treatment.MICROSONIC FACIAL DEVICE.

An exclusive skincare device with double ULTRASOUND and MICROCURRENT Technology, used used by professinals with three main effects:


1. Deep cleansing, to remove the toplayers of the skin and prepare the skin for subsequent treatments. SONIC MODE.

2. Regernerative and anti aging stimulation of the deeper layers of the skin using microcurrents, which serve as a poweful stimulator for cellular metabolisum and cutaneous circulation. MICROMODE.

3. Optimisation of product absorption and regenerative massage, which significantly improves skin hydratin and facilitates the absorption of the active ingrdients of any products applied. SONIC AND MICRO MODE

Get ready to Lift & Plump….discover the Microsonic facial device. The device will instantly improve your skin texture and appearance using its 3 Key actions:

Deep cleansing and exfoliation

Cellular regeneration by stimulating cell metabolism

Improved penetration of actives optimizes product absorption

The device can be used along side our NEW skin ampoules, a 7 day kit of intensive serums, for optimal results. when you buy any Ampoules Kit, recieve a 30 minute microsonic facial FREE!

Choose from:

Hydramemory – contains triple-active hydrating ingredient: protecting, hydrating, plumping.

Sublime skin – provides increased COLLAGEN, ELASTIN, HYALURONIC ACID synthesis to IMPROVE SKIN FIRMNESS

Renight – It’s a stable and well-tolerated precursor of retinoic acid, promotes night-time renewal process and boosts cellular turnover and stimulates collagen production.


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