• Cosmetic Roll-Cit®

      95,00 inc Vat

      Environ Cosmetic Roll CIT is the latest breakthrough in skin care treatments, allowing for improved penetration of vitamins into the skin layer. The Cosmetic Roll-Cit consists of “micro-needles” that create tiny micro-channels in the upper layers of the skin.

    • Cosmetic Focus-Cit®

      45,00 inc Vat

      This meticulously crafted small stamp has been specifically designed to enable you to focus on specific and hard-to-reach areas as your upper lip and eye areas. This needling device is embedded with durable 0.1 mm stainless steel micro-needles.

    • Cosmetic Gold Roll Cit®

      260,00 inc Vat

      Environ introduces a luxurious new addition to their range of Roll-CITs. This is the definitive Ionzyme Gold Roll-CIT.
      This exciting and meticulously crafted new Roll-CIT has 260 ultra fine definitive points, ensuring it’s superiority and making it the most effective Roll-CIT in the range.

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